Renewable Fossil Fuels II

Renewable Fossil Fuels II – JR012

Limited Edition: 1 of 64 produced

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm (Print)

Item can be purchased unframed or framed (artist recommends a simple black frame without a mount)
Price is for a framed print.

On the back, the artist writes:

““When you’re visiting Japan, you must stop by the Jurassic Wind Farm on your way to Mt Fuji”

That (very often) repeated advice applies to anyone visiting Japan, it doesn’t matter if you are a model on a photoshoot dressed in traditional Japanese clothes, Seattle Seahawks’ mascot on a World Tour, or just a hiker on their way to climb the beautiful volcano: You MUST visit this park.

The sights you can enjoy from this viewpoint are quite remarkable. You can witness the assets in all their magnificence and, on a clear day, see Mt Fuji behind. The assets have freedom to roam in this part of the valley, and they are always orientating themselves to find the wind currents that -literally- makes their heart beat. Japanese biomechatronics engineers were one of the first groups to integrate mechanical elements in extinct species. For this application, Brachiosaurus altithorax was used for their robustness and resiliance, which marries well with the lightness and performance of the carbon fibre tower of the windmill.

Several Haikus have been written about the beautiful irony of this invention, pointing out how the circle of life has turned yet again: Once these beasts were alive, then they were dead. They became oil, which was used as a dirty energy source. Thanks to the oil, technology and humanity leapt into the future, and were able to bring back their genome. Now once again they are alive, and this time they produce clean energy. Ying and Yang. What will be next?”


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