Art Commissions

The Brighton Box Gallery is pleased to be able to offer art commission options for a wide range of bespoke art. Whether you are looking for a portrait of a family member or pet. Or you have found something that you like, but it isn’t quite the right size or colour. We have a large selection of artists who specialise in personalised material so you can enjoy the art that will make your space more beautiful! 

How does it work?

We have made it easy to arrange for your art commission. Simply complete the form below with your specifications and budget. We will present your brief to the most appropriate artists within our collection.

Once we have found a match and your request has been accepted, we will contact you to place a deposit for the works and our artist will begin creating your custom masterpiece.

The deposit is non-refundable but required as custom pieces cannot be sold on to any other customer. This deposit will be paid to the artist who has dedicated their time to create your request should you change your mind once the agreement has been made.

Only when you are happy with the final product, you pay the remainder of the balance and collect your art commission.

Who are your artists?

The Brighton Box Gallery maintains healthy relationships with our artists and are able to request personalised material from whom we understand would be best for your proposal. However, we have several artists who’s specialty is bespoke custom commission art. Our range of artists is forever growing, and we are confident that we will be able to outsource your request to the most appropriate artist, who will deliver a high quality and flawless finish. 

Complete the form below to begin you art commission journey!

We will assess your request and contact the most appropriate artist to complete your commission piece.

Once the Artist has confirmed the commission, we will be in touch to ensure that you are happy with the proposed style. 
Once this process has been completed and you are satisfied with the Artist’s style, we will request the deposit prior to commencement of the art commission.

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