A beer in the hand is worth two birds in the bushel

A beer in the hand is worth two birds in the bushel – JR011

Item can be purchased unframed or framed (artist recommends a simple black frame without a mount)
Price is for a framed print.

***** “Unique” Limited Edition: This piece has 6 small details on a quantum state, 6 small details that, like Schrödinger’s cat, can go either way. It’s not until the piece is printed that the details decide on what they’ll be. The binary nature of this feature means that each one of the 64 Limited Edition prints is completely unique, as there are 64 possible combinations that do not repeat. *****

On the back, the artist writes:

“Bears, birds and bearded blokes, all are welcome to our beer production facility, where we use only the finest ingredients to create award winning drinks. Find our best brands at your local pub or come taste a selection on our on-site tap. Brew responsibly!”

Dimensions: 494 x 594 mm (Print)


SKU: JR011


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