Daniel Oppido

I moved to Brighton some years ago in order to study Fine Art Sculpture at the University of Brighton and since graduating in 2017, I have found printmaking to be my primary focus as an artist. My particular field of printmaking is Linocut.

Though it may not be immediately apparent why a creative trained in sculpture would switch to a fully two-dimensional medium, I see the carving process to be a sculptural one. The pressure of carving is something that I revel in; an incorrect mark and the plate is ruined. I also enjoy the limitation of the medium as the only option is to cut or not, positive and negative. I believe this is reason that I gravitate towards Linocut because like a sculptor who must consider the three-dimensional nature of their work, I am always concerned about the balance of positive and negative as well as being able to see the end result before it is complete.

The subject matter of my prints is typically of architecture and animals. I have always been intrigued by the built-world and the contrast with the natural. My image-making evolves all the time however, and I find myself leaning into a more illustration-based style whereby I can let go of direct representation and focus on my own hand-drawn designs.