Alasdair Adam

From company director to Artist. A leader in our field for 22 years Alasdair ran a business in the events industry, hosting all sorts of weird and wonderful events for blue blue chip companies.

Having travelled the world, including the Serengeti, famed for it’s sunsets. Alasdair found that it’s Brighton that truly has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. And the sky never fails fascinate with its colours, shapes and moods.

`Alasdair does many paintings of the Brighton west pier, probably one of the most iconic wrecks in the UK, a favourite local landmark.
Painting with oil and acrylic. Alasdair finds that oils better capture the seamless way the sky blends together in a maze of colours.

And an inspiration to start painting in the first place? Like so many artists today, the great Bob Ross on daytime TV in the 80s

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Showing all 6 results