I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, which is where much of my inspiration comes from. I have always had a love for African design, music and culture. I moved to the UK in 2003 after completing a foundation degree in Art and Design at the Zimbabwean Institute of Vigital Arts (ZIVA). Whilst at art school I began experimenting with mark-making using different man-made and natural materials to create effects on paper which is still a technique I employ now in my photographic collage work.
I undertook a master’s in photography at Brighton University in 2019 where much of my time was invested in portraiture photography and image manipulation. I was curious to see how far I could push the envelope with image manipulation and mark making whether it was distorting images in the darkroom or creating digital collages using the tools in different photographic software’s.
Photography became my creative tool and I used this medium to take on themes such as identity and became interested in the part photography has played in the construction of mental stereotypes.
My current works are a manifestation of some of the ideas and techniques I have developed over the years. My practice today is still driven by my interest in Identity and asks the question of what Identity means, which to me is very much about appearances. Each one of my portraits is constructed digitally, embellished with mixed media and printed on either Fuji Pearl Metallic or C type Matt photographic paper which heightens the narrative around the superficial nature of our identities.
My portraits of RuPaul and Sasha Velour are collaged together using some of my photographs with found imagery. The style I have adopted is a nod to some of the collage artists of the 1920s, Pop artists of the 1950s and camp/drag culture.

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