Verdigris Cards was conceived at the start of 2020 when my other half persuaded me that it was about time for me to start doing something with my sketches. A few weeks later, I found myself with a pile of freshly printed greetings cards to sell, and I’ve just gone from there!

I’ve lived in Brighton and Hove since 2018, and have been based in Kemptown since last year. I’m certainly not an artist by trade, and actually qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 2016. I’m still in practice, with art being my favourite way to wind down after a long day. I love working in ink; it forces you to be bold and accept your mistakes – a difficult lesson to learn when you’re a bit of a perfectionist. I then try to pick out a few details in watercolours (which probably hides my lack of skill with them!). I tend to take inspiration from the natural world, be it the local flora and fauna (including the seagulls), the wider Sussex countryside or the animals which overrun my parents’ garden in Surrey. My aim is to try and get people to notice the beauty in the ordinary – I only noticed the abundance of wildflowers that grow by the Volks’ Electric Railway when I started to sketch them!

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