mozogee is a full time creative living and working in Brighton, England. He studied at Amersham College of Art & Design specialising in fine art.
As a post graduate he landed his first role as a junior designer for an independent advertising agency based in the West London. It was here that
he honed his creative skills and learned how to apply his artistic ability in the commercial world. He’s worked as a Creative Director for more than
25 years for some of the world’s leading brands.
He set about developing his Pop-Pins technique mixing modern day influences of Eric Daigh and Simon Dixon with his older pop art influences of Warhol and Lichtenstein. As a process artist his work starts with a portrait re-imagined and digitised. Each pixel is assigned a colour and from that an upholstery nail is sprayed, varnished and affixed row-by-row to create the finished portrait.
In any portrait, the hand of the artist is inextricably woven into the image and none more so than with these large format artworks made entirely from up to 20,000 coloured, high-domed upholstery nails. The finished images are bold, bright, intriguing when viewed from a distance, tactile and engaging up close.

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