My name is Krzysiek Mlodzik. I am a painter and author, born in Poland and since 2011 residing in UK.

Self expression has always been my thing and it is essential to me for my own well being and mental health.

I find creation of art as a mean of communicating and connecting with other people; it’s a constant energy exchange between me as the creator and my audience.

I paint mostly abstract on themes like human soul journey and metaphysical nature of the universe.

I am self taught and often approach an empty canvas or sheet of paper with passion and energy, though not always with a clear idea.

Instead I let my intuition to guide me.

I let my soul tell me what is it that currently needs to be created.

My art is unique in a sense that I do not follow any trends and treat my self expression as a medium between my inner and outer world.

In my artwork I see a mystery and a gate into depth of my imagination.

People often tell me that they spot some mysterious figures, faces and silhouettes ‘hiding’ in my abstract paintings, which to me is very cool and satisfying.

I love when my art spreads joy and high vibes and empower people by touching on humanitarian and spiritual aspects of our species. I also want share my perspective on our civilization, on civilizations of our ancestors, on state of our world.

I’d love to continue experimenting with new techniques, ideas and approaches, merge old ideas with new ones, tell stories with my art,, run intuitive painting workshops for adults and children all around the world…

Explore, explore, explore…

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