I am an Artist/Illustrator based in Brighton. I specialise in what I like to call Animal Pun Illustrations, and their goal is simply to make you laugh!

My work brings together my love of animals, and all things weird and colourful. My style balances between realism and surrealism, which is what makes my work so unique. Each artwork has elements of both traditional and digital art processes, with my strange animals being created using coloured pencils, and their graphic backgrounds on photoshop.

I started drawing these silly animal puns as a bit of fun during Lockdown 2020, but realising how much joy they gave to people, it inspired me to keep creating more and more. Graduating university during the pandemic was difficult, but my weird and wacky art is what has motivated me through it all. I am so excited to continue making funny animal illustrations, and to keep putting smiles on people’s faces through my art.

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